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Great time in France bicycle race, she is finishe


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This is from the Warthogs this morning. It's too good not to share.


My good friend from team barlowworld tell me about the warthogs - they are wild pigs who do the mountain bike? That is crazy, they must have sexytime!! in Kazakhstan we have smoking chimpanzee, Jonny the monkey, but he fall off bicycle on Kaz TV. I do the job of team massage for glorious Astana, with my friend Alexandre who is team premier. There is no woman strong enough for his legs, they are like the tree trunk. We have good time in France, but they tell us we cheat. We change the blood from Alexandre from the doctor Ferrari before we go bedtime. One night when we win we have big party with lots of sexy girls in hotel, and forget to change blood. next day Alexandre ride like postman Bogatov. We change to blood from the wild bear, and he win like hero again. They tell us we are not allowed further, but that is crazy. we change the blood for years, so does all the teams. We argue with the french, but they are angry man with no good french cyclerider. We go home tomorrow and premier Ushokov going to send us to coalmine, comrade Bilkov from Kazakh Railway will shoot us if he get chance.

My big sorry i no get the sex with beautiful ladies who give out the furry lion every day at prizes, they make me go wa wa wee wa! Here is me support the boys up alps road from happy times, good luck warthogs.


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Would love to get my hands on that costume of his...

Anyone know who sells them?

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