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  1. Did it on a SS rigid this year... Never walked that much in my life Geared for me next year... Maybe
  2. Hi There This morning I cycled the Engen Classic loop in Randburg, the loop the most of the jozy guys do in the mornings. So, this guy was standing in the middle of the road, trying to make me stop by showing his reflective vest underneath his jacket. I managed to get around him but should have turned around. He was either drunk or high but did not stick around to find out. It happened in front of the Caltex garage on Bram Fischer Dr., 300 meters before the DSTV offices. There is also a used car dealership on the other side. Anybody else ran into this guy ? Just be aware guys and girls Narra
  3. Thanks slowbee, dit search but found not what I wanted...
  4. Hi there Anybody here that did the Atta on a SS. Please share your config. Mine was Surly KM rigid, 34x20. It was tough going, main aim was to finish and I did in 10:50 Now how to do it faster next year ;-)
  5. Also did it with the Surly SS, 34x16. 4:48. Rode in a charity bunch, 4U Allot of fun, definitely again next year
  6. Ag ***... I only discover this thread now Wanted to replace my Bandersnatch with a Jaberwocky but also wanted to pair up with somebody to get them in. I ended up getting a Surly KM from Grant. Pics will appear when bike is ready. It is very camera shy. Awesome bike and congrats. At least I am not the only one in SA with a Vassago frame anymore.
  7. Howdy So for all those guys/girls that analyze their coffee rides like me, and struggle to keep up with all your friends on different services. I found this site the other day. Can sync between garmin, endo, strava and a couple more. Works like a charm. https://tapiriik.com/ Ciao Nar
  8. Hi Vassago is not at a good place at the moment. They had some issues and apparently the company is going to re launch in 2013. Will have to wait and see. It is a shame because i wanted to buy another frame from them. Nothing wrong with my Bandersnatch, solid and I like the geometry. Ciao Narra
  9. Clover Tour? Also enjoyed Panorama Tour, suffered like hel but the weekend was just awesome, is already planning for next year.
  10. Entered, accommodation sorted, costume idea almost sorted, let the party start
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