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Mavic Wheels


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Need some advise...


Has anyone ever used Mavic Crosstail Disc Wheels 2010?


Thinking of buying a set @ approx 3k5


Any other wheelsets that compare?




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Personally I think its a crappy wheelset. I had 3 Mavic wheelsets before and they all gave problems. The hub internals are made out of marshmellows. In that price range you can get a set of Mavic 819 tubeless rims with Shimano SLX hubs.  You'll have a bombproof wheelset that will last forever.

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I second mud dee, not heard anything positive about the hubs.  And they are really heavy for the price (and they are not stronger or anything)

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Thank you all for the response.


Think I'll stick to non straight-pull spokes and away from Mavic hubs.


Was looking at the SLX hubs as well...was put off with the spoke type.


Anyway, looks like "hope" if I can afford or XT if I can't wait.




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