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Keeromberg MTB - Thanks Myles


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On Saturday at the Afrimat Keeromberg Mtb ride (between Worcester and De Doorns) I had a really bad (and spectacular) mtb accident, and was consequently rushed to Worcester Medi Clinic on a spine board wearing a neck brace and fearing the worse. Fortunately nothing was broken (besides my Bell Sweep helmet) - I suffered heavy bruising to my right shoulder and whiplash injuries to my neck (and of course the mandotory road rash that comes with the territory).


I just want to say thanks to a guy by the name of Myles who immediately came to my aid, he called the emergency number and stayed with me while waiting for the ambulance. He did a fantastic job of reassuring me that the medics would be there soon and did his best to get all the important info from me that he could, and importantly keeping me still.


I have no idea who Myles is, or where he is from... but it's nice to know that there are people like you out there. All I can say is thanks... you're a hero!
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Cool Marius. Glad you ok. MTB she is bitch. She throws us of sometime. I had a huge crash in to hell and back two years ago. Happens so quickly but not gonna kill your post with the storey. Hope you recover quick



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