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  1. My dad and Uncle Peter grew up cycling together, I got to know Justin as a kid and we rode many miles together as juniors... and a few years ago trained early in the mornings before work, so that he could be home in time to see his daughters off to school. What an amazing friend and guy! I remember one year before the Argus Cycle Tour, I was having trouble with my bike and he came over at 7pm on a Saturday to give me hand! My life is richer for having known BigJ. He is missed dearly already.
  2. Anyone know why it doesn't show on the results that he rides for SantaCruz/Syndicate? Just a blank where his team name (sponsor should be)... surely Greg is not a "privateer"? http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/uci-mtb-world-cup-xco-3-lenzerheide-2015/downhill-final/results
  3. Dehydration... combined with a bright yellow pee after a ride? Drink water till you produce a nice clear tinkle
  4. You guys riding on Wednesday morning - my last Wed morning ride before I go international...
  5. They've done more for cycling in South Africa than just about any other "association" out there...
  6. improved my swim radically, from being a swim back-marker to a mid-field swimmer...
  7. What a lekker ride, a few pools of water here and there, ground a bit wet but not saturated... Loved that technical single track at the end... Good job by the organizers to split the routes at the end - 50km guys got to do nice single track, while I believe the 25km guys finished on jeep track.
  8. I'm heading out there with about 8 kids from my school wanting to do the 25km... their enthusiasm is killing me, not really keen for the mud and cold...
  9. Two of my kids at my school mtb with these bikes... it's like riding a tank!
  10. Just entered the 46km... felt nice and strong 2 weekends ago on the 57km Liqui Fruit Vineyard ride at Lourensford. Will be in my traditional Mellow Johhnys kit, Trek Superfly ht. Looking forward to Sat
  11. they did a presentation at the school I work at, never mentioned price. Many kids were keen to do a team tri, until we looked at the prices... Even as an individual, no ways am I doing it a that price... There's an off road tri a few weeks later - LandRover N1 City tri, would rather do that... Edit: typo
  12. What an awesome ride, fell my gat off on one of those wooden bridges on the single track towards the end... The photographers seemed pretty keen, some laying in the bush to get that perfect shot... Will definitely do this ride again in future...
  13. BridgeCycles did this to mates S-Works not s long ago,,,
  14. My first PPA event since the Argus last year... started in F&G, lead the bunch over Helz (that hasn't happened in ages), four of us got away after guttering it a bit on the R304, TankMan and me dropped to guys and caught a few bunches ahead of us... Ran out of water and had to stop for a top up... Kind of enjoyed the tough conditions... Finishing by catching the shorter and medium routes did cause a fe nervous moments thou.
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