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8 Speed Crank & 9 Speed Cassette


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I need to ask a pretty good question & ive tried to find the answers but really dont give too much info on it

1. A while back i upgraded my cassette & chain from 8 speed to 9 speed.

2. Was told a 8 speed crankset would work fine & did for quite a long time & many kay's laters

3. Then the lion man came & from hard riding & chain skating it snapped but has been fixed & the chain when i look at alignment looks too far to the right almost rubbing on the middle chain ring

4. When changing down the chainring from middle to small chainring the chain skates on top of the teeth of the chainring


now i assume that a 9 speed gap between small & middle chainrings are narrower than on an 8 speed ? am i correct in saying this ?


I have bought a 9 speed crank to allieviate that problem & hopefully will work otherwise im going to be rather peeved off for spending money unnecassarily


are the tollerances so much that it would make such a major difference between 8 spd & 9 spd cranksets ?


can someone with technical knowledge about this help out & perhaps if you know where i can find some reading material on the subject then that would be great
BumpNgrind2010-05-28 06:09:57
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A 9 spd chain should work with 8 spd cranks.


My son's first road bike was an 8spd and had the same problem with the chain not dropping onto the small blade but skating over it. Problem solved after much fiddling and stress (LBS mech's idea )by fitting a 9spd chain
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From what I understand many entry level 9spd bikes also use 8spd cranks. Actually I just ordered an 8spd crank that is OEM fitted to many 9spd bikes.


I've looked into this as I plan to upgrade to 9spd one day.


But it could just very well be possible your old crank was past its sell by date.


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