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Headset stack height

Brian Fantana

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This is a quick one.

If my head tube is 100mm, and I fit a cane creek s3 standard headset with combined upper and lower stack height of 27.4mm, and then fit a pro koryak stem with stack height of 40mm, will it all fit with a 175mm steerer tube?

The total stack height plus head tube is 27.4+100+40 = 167.4mm which gives 7.6mm to spare.


Is this enough or am I missing something?
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Yes, it will fit. The total stack height actually needs to be tweaked until it's slightly more (a millimetre or two) than the steerer tube, so that there's space for the star nut and top cap combination to compress everything together when tightened.

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Use headset spacers to make up the rest. The "total" stackheight should slightly more that the steerer length


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