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NEW at Van Gaalens....for Winter


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Just thought I'd let you guys know Eric's put bridges over the water crossings on the River Trail, and as much as I LOVE the water, it's great for Winter!

to come out of there with dry shoes and socks in the cold is awesome, and I think it'll help heaps re congestion during the nandos magalies adventure in august.


also I heard about a new trail he's going to start building in the next couple weeks that'll take you to the top of the mountain (behind the Greek Church) which by the sounds will be a climb of note , but to an amazing trail at the top and an awesome downhill I'm assuming


Pics a bit small i know, but I'm doing this in a hurry







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Sounds great.


I also spoke to him about improving on the marking, but it seems that the farmers object to signs on their land-pity.
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pity, but it's not that bad is it?

on another note, saw a few people , kids and adults, with no helmets there yesterday .... smart!Clown


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Bom dia- haha


Yeah that's not cool.


Maybe once you know the route it's easy, we found it difficult to follow and continued with the river untill there were "trespassers will be shot signs"-well close.
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Bom DiaBig%20smile

SH*T!! never noticed those before...

best I pay more attention in future!LOL


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it's my fav!!

nothing like it for me!

we'll see if I still feel the same after being to Mankele this weekend.... my first time to the "Eastern Transvaal"


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  • 1 month later...

lots of other nice touches at VG. nothing really new, just older things "polished" up a bit.

very nice. adds a lot more flow to the routes.

looking forward to the Magalies Adventure (the "Nandos Magalies")

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