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  1. It does I have a 2014 Polo GTI, which is the same shape. Fits 100% Will fit any Polo. For the side straps, there is the little piece of metail below the windows, next to the lights. Fits in there
  2. Absolute junk. Especially the X9. Throw it away. In fact, I'll just take them from you and save you the hassle. Ok, in all seriousness, nothing wrong with them, good and solid. Keep. For the most part bikes specc'd with x7/9 would usually do far better with a wheel upgrade, (assuming that the wheels) are of a similar pecking order. I'm riding X9 on the Rocky Mountain and I've got no real reason to go up to X0
  3. My Speed Cross are made in China. They're from Due South IIRC. Doubt they're fakes.
  4. There are only 2 really worthy sections there to be ridden. The dogs and old people and the children which we run over aren't fun. On a serious note though. WTF dogs not on leashes there, and the owners don't see an issue of dogs on the trails. Several close calls with dogs. Not fun at all.
  5. I find the stuff pretty good. Picked up a bottle at Mikes in Greenside this passed weekend. Worked well. Was using purple extreme before this. Net result is much the same. Worth a go.
  6. It is worth it. I used to have on. 2010 model full carbon. Really nice bike and at R8k it's well worth it. Moved onto a Bianchi afterwards, and back to back there is simply no comparison in terms of stiffness and climbing ability of the 2. But you get what you pay for and at R8k it's amazing value. In 2010 I paid R16k for mine.
  7. Popcorn ready. In before page 1000
  8. Didn't see anything. Spruit was lekker today. Always is though
  9. Mine burst 4 weeks ago. I got opened up properly as mine burst. My surgeon has said 6 weeks off. Right now, I feel 100% and have done so for a week already. Losing my mind. But don't feel like that pain again. So I'll just comply.
  10. Don't try claim it off insurance as wear and tear. They'll repudiate it as non insurance covered. If anything, tell them you crashed and this caused it. Been down this road.
  11. Guys, rode it today. It's sexy again. Trimmed and Brazilian. Smooth Good riding turf again.
  12. Anyone go this weekend? Heading there tomorrow. Hoping its better
  13. You okes are proper groupies. Imagine what's gonna happen when Bieber gets here!!!!
  14. OP. English, do you speak it? But seriously. New Year's Day rides are notoriously bad. That said, we headed west, and had no trouble to speak of.
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