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New MTB Tyres:- when to fit:-opinions please.


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So, I've been talked into buying a set of  Conti Mountain Kings, (using Geax Saguaro at the moment)

I've got the tyres....

now when's best to fit them?

I was told , "great tyres, great grip, ...grip takes some getting used though..."



thing is I'm going to Mankele for the first time this weekend (been planning this for months)  ...am I better off riding with familliar tyres and wait till I'm riding a place i know, to get used to the Conti's....or is it no that different?



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Cant comment on the Geax, but recently fitted a MK to the front for winter. I previoulsy used Race Kings front and rear. The MK works great on the terrain I have ridden - wet sand, rocks and a little mud. It is a smaller tyre than the RK (less air) and to be honest I had tried my RK in the same conditions (Tokai after rain) and it was also fine. I think that at the limit in loose or whet conditions, the RK has more grip and will not clog like a RK. So if your Geax have close spaced knobs the RK will be an upgrade for winter conditions. That said you're in Gauteng are you?

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Thanks Headshot

Jhb area.

my concern in this case, is ruining a weekend by having to get used to the tyres while there.

so after much thought, and some advice from my lbs today...leaving the Geaxs on and I'll fit the Contis when back and give them a good bashing in at Groenies or Van Gaalens.


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 I have ridden the following tyres.:MK, Race kings, Maxis crossmark, LarsonTT and GEAX Mezcals and Continental "double edge". and Specialized the Captains. My personal allround favouriet and first chouce. Specialized Captain in the back. Geax mezcals in the front or Continental "double edge"


Why Specialized the Captain in the back?

They are the fastes rolling tyres on hardpack that still offer excellent mud clearance, better than averag grip on cornering and the best ever grip on steep wet rock ascents I have ever had the privilidge of riding. I use to swop my Continental "double edge" n the back. I have now experienced that if your riding hardpack then sure the double edge or mezcalls are superb. BUT, the Captains roll almost as fast, offer excellent mud clearnace and superior grip on wet rocky ascents like I have never seen before. Do not be fooled by these tyres becuase the tread has gaps on the ridge. These tyres fly on hardpaack despite the misleading apearance. In adition if you take sharp corners they just dont loose traction. The disdavantage is the wear very quickly. You will be lucky to get 1500km before the side walls show damage before the tread weares.


Geax mezcals in the front or Continental double edge. Because your weights in the back the centerlines are smoother offering much faster rolling and the knobs on the side are big offering good control on cornering. They are problematic in mud even if only on the front


Oh and once you have Thed Captains on theres no need getting use to thats for sure. There is a market difference in ride quality(for me at least)
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