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  1. Would we not all get tummy bugs all the time riding then? I got sprayed by dirty, possibly dog poo filled water yesterday. So far it just feels like a grain of sand is stuck in one eye, but no bugs yet. On the S2C many years ago the field including me got the trots. Shorts down in mamba country was not much fun - or the 45 degree heat. I think its fellow riders more than anything else that leads to infections. Some have better immune systems than others. That and dodgy food like my S2C experience.
  2. Some decent value choices there.
  3. I ordered a liter of Total LHM+ on Takealot...
  4. Ya funny name hey - you think he is having a few cold ones as we type?
  5. What we tend to forget is that marathon stage racing is a fringe sport in the rest of the world. MTB in general has a lower viewership than many other 'mainstream" sports. The Redbull Rampage had about 50k people watching the live stream and now has nearly 650k views on the rerun. The Epic will never reach those numbers.
  6. You chose your name so we all know you love your 'E". Eish.
  7. Garmin seems to be the leader. I'd stay away from Polar. I have a V650 computer and its the most frustrating thing to sync - in fact it doesn't anymore. I'd love a Fenix.
  8. You gotta go to a Canadian site to get news of CFR's exit from the Epic ?!?!?
  9. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/simon-andreassen-undergoes-emergency-appendectomy-withdraws-from-cape-epic.html
  10. Looks like you need to be a stockist to buy directly from them...
  11. Thanks for the replies guys - and don't argue with DnD - he is an oil man
  12. Anyone have a supplier of mineral oil, suitable for Shimano brakes? Shops seem to have tiny bottles of Shimano brand oil for silly money. I'd like a nice big bottle so I can go moggy bleeding my XT's and SLX's.
  13. Do you have the SRAM bleeding edge tool?
  14. A gravel bike is not an MTB. Fail on several counts. Okay!
  15. My wife's Lyne quickly developed some side to side play but its never got any worse. My Spesh 125mm has almost none despite a hard life over 4 years. On the other hand, teh newer 34.9m Spesh dropper i got second hand has way more play than either of the others. I simply don't notice it. Now if only the 125mm would stop losing air...
  16. An oldie but still a goodie - updates include the 125mm Spesh dropper off my Enduro, 11-42 Deore cassette, new chain and a 30 tooth Rapide front ring for better hill climbing. This thing is off on a 3 day dirt road marathon piss up this weekend. Needless to say I will be on the only steel bike, the only hard tail and the only 26er. I'm not that keen on the first day of 80 odd km...
  17. Its not meant for weight weenie brain or lockout equipped marathon bikes - the longer travel your bike has the more you'll benefit allegedly. Soon DH bikes will be pedaled uphill like Epics πŸ™‚.
  18. Aah, some clarity. My wife drove past the scene and assumed it was a car/bike incident.
  19. Condolences to the riders family and friends, this sounded horrific. A rider was airlifted to hospital in Cape Town on Saturday after being hit on Kommetjie road near Ocean View. Not a good weekend for cyclists...
  20. I've got just the frame - send the motor wheel down to me. πŸ™‚
  21. Headshot

    Hot Foot

    Is "hot foot" an issue caused by actual heat, or pressure? I experienced a literal burning foot sensation when I stupidly rode a 45k ride in hot conditions in my downhill shoes, which have no ventilation. I now have a new pair of XC shoes with little holes everywhere to permit some cooling...
  22. That seat height is ludicrous - unless you fit proper gravel riser bars of course. As I predicted the move to risers seems to be well on its way with the 2022 models. πŸ™‚
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