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How do you clean your drivetrain??


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Hi guys




I'm wondering what is the best way to clean a road bike's drivetrain...




Here's my method:


1 I've got shimano so I undo the SRAM link


2 take the cassette off


3 put the loose chain and cassette in (Valvoline) degreaser


4 wash well and rinse woth water


5 dry the chain and cassette with a cloth


6 clean chainrings with a damph cloth


7 re-fit chain and cassette


8 spin the gears to get excess water off


9 lube with WhiteLightning or Squirt (dry lube)




Is it a good idea to totally degrease your chain and cassette or is clean green fine?




What do you do when you have campag? (about the chain cleaning) Is their such a thing as a campag chain link for 10 or 11 speed?




What lube is best for typical South AFrican Mielie Lande road riding? (Semi-clean roads with dirt patches here and there)




Which groupset is the most user-friendly considering wash and lubing and maintaining? I wash and lube my bike every 2 weeks (I average about 450km a week)




Thanks guys


Any comments will be highly appreciated



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I use a Park Tool chain cleaner with Clean Green or similar degreaser and a stiff long bristhled brush (dishwasher brush from Spar) to clean chain and gears.


When i strip a bike for service then i follow your method. I just drop the chain into a small coke bottle and add parafine, shake, soak and rinse with degreaser. Cut bottle open to remove chain.


I only use Squirt on my chains.


We get high milage out of our drive trains  
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The bottle method is still the best.


I also found that since I switched to dry lube, I only use a hard brush (carpet one from PnP - R10 randts) and some hotwater + car wash + elbo grease.


Must note that after getting my elchepo bike stand (R120 randts), it makes a big difference in getting to those hard to reach places. I also us the opportunity to service my bike.


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well my method is a little more tedious  but works 100%


nail brush & clean green & scrub the chain. it takes time no doubt but i get a clean drive train & the end result is as any other - clean....
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I spray engine cleaner on - let soak for a few minutes, spray again, brush in between...rinse & wipe clean ... works a treat !!!


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