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I got some nice bling xx for the new niner frame i ordered, everything is as it should be..... Awesome, except for the cassette, it seems the cassette is loose on the freebody of the mavic crossmax 29er i ordered, we tried fitting spacers but it does'nt seem to work, as soon as we fit them on a set of amarican classics they fit snug as a nappy, any suggestions?

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Hi Marries,


I had the same problem with a set of Mavic SLR's... apparently there are very specific spacers that mavic uses, once those where fitted to the hub / cassette combo the problem was solved. I'm not sure about what the spacers are precisely - my LBS just slipped them on for me, and everything was A-okay...
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The Mavic spacer should have been included in the wheelset. The cazette will not fit snug without this spacer. Marries, if you are based in Cape Town, get a spacer from Dragon Sports (importers for Mavic), they are of great help. Good luck, and enjoy your XX!  

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