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Fork upgrade

Rio 1_2

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Guys n Dolls...........I am currently using a Dart 2 on my hard tail and I want to upgrade to rock shox tora-sl solo air 100mm w/poploc.

I dont want to spend alot on this upgade for the buck.....can anyone tell me if this fork is any good for its buck.....I am avid rider and compete in races and trail blaze now and then.
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Dolls don't hang around here anymore. It's just us guys.

Dart to Tora is not much of an upgrade. Both have steel stanchions, the Tora 32mm, the Dart 28mm.


Poplocks spell trouble. For lockout I believe a crown-mount dial is less troublesome. Others like the remote and put up with its hassles.


Consdier going to Recon, the fist aluminium stanchion fork in the range. Quite a bit lighter but basically the same inside as the Tora.
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How important is the depth of travel on a fork? I see forks with 100mm -120-140mm travel, is the 140mm travel fork a better option for the general rider or something more for guys doing a lot of jumps?

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Just upgraded from my old Rock Shox

Judy TT to the Reba Race, must say its as good as getting a new



The lbs laughed at the weight of the old thing,

it was very reliable and behaved close to a rigid bike with a piece

of lead attached to the front.


The new fork is amazing

and downhills have improved in both handling and speed by at least a

third. PushLoc is a treat and allows you to run the fork buttery

smooth and not look like a po-go stick on the uphills (money well spent) .


cwc and

crc seem well priced.


Sammyboy2010-06-02 12:31:21

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I would agree with Johan go for the recon, it may be more expensive but on a value for money basis it way way better than a Tora


@ Mojo man, fork travelhas got alot to do with riding style and bike setup but in general it can be considerd


80mm = Hardtail cross country

100mm= Hardtail xc and full suspension xc

120mm= hardtail trail and full suspension trail  

160mm= free ride

200mm= Downhill


The above is just a rough guide, the travel must be matched to the frame and the angles the frames are designed around, you can't or rather not recommended to put a 140mm travel fork on a racing hardtail it would throw all the angle out.
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Hey Rio, I've got a RS Tora SL, 80mm travel with poploc.


Steerer 23.5 cm. Looking for 500 bucks.


I upgraded to RS Reba so the fork is just collection dust


PM me your e-mail address if you're interested, then I'll e-mail you a pic or 2

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Just wanted to chip in, I have a Tora 302 (w/o Poplock) and have had nearly 5000 trouble free kilometers arsing about on it. So while perhaps not the lightest nor the most responsive, it's been a dream for a student budget.

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