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GT2.0 or q720


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I'm looking to buy a MTB. Finally! smiley2.gif I have two options, Felt q720(R7000) or GT2.0(R6000 incl helmet and computer). Both "new" 2009 models.




Any advice, suggestions, other options, opinions!




Thanks guys!





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I would say the GT, for some reason the specs on their website are lower than what it comes with. I have a friend who bought this bike last year and even though the site said 8-speed deore, the bike came with 9-speed SLX - if you look closely in the picture too, you'll see it as well. (edit) not with this pic it seems, but you will see if you look at the bike in a shop.


Also, I would avoid the Dart II like the plague - if you buy the GT you can at least put the money you saved towards a better fork.


At present the only gripe he has with the stock bike is that, painted onto the handlebar is "For best performance, grip handlebar firmly at both ends"


tom8932010-06-08 01:41:17

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My personal opinion would be go for the felt althogh it is more and it has a dart the R1000 extra is worth it components wise.


Furthermore it seems the Felt is better in the following categories


1. Better cranks

2. Servicable fork and there are spares available, even thugh it is a dart

3. Finishing kit ( handlebar ect)

4. It is on the spec list as 9 speed the gt may have a 9 spd deore rear der but still runs 8 spd shifters ( just check with the shop)


The Dart isn't that bad its an entry level fork but it is fully servicable and spare parts are available the suntour internals use a sealed non servicable cartridge which is inexpensive to replace but isn't all that great, bear in mind both forks are entry level.


Hope it help, I always ssay buy the best you can afford at the time as its expensive to start upgrading compnents.

Mecnic2010-06-08 01:53:53
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