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Cracked frame

Albert T

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After a weekend in Sabie I had a nasty surprise waiting - what looks like a crack almost circling my top tube, right where it meets the head tube. It is a 2008 Commencal Meta 5.5. I cannot see an actual crack in the aluminium but the the paint has cracked neatly in a line - except for the strengthened top section. Any tips to repair or is it simply replace :blink:

post-11910-070303800 1277659077.jpg

post-11910-010070300 1277659090.jpg

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that is right royally stuffed I am afraid...amazing that it held seeing it was that far along. You're in for a new frame I guess. If Commencal give you one that would be great! but that depends...what is the warranty and how old is your frame?


If you weight the frame you might even be able to see the crack flex under weight

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Look on the bright side you get to shop for a new frame ... I do hope it is in your warrantee period or insured though.


Oh ... don't go out and ride that bike ... last place on a frame you want to break, unless you have a good dental plan.


Sorry RE the crack ... it can/is heart breaking.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Received my new frame today from Graham at Commencal. It is reassuring to know these guys are behind the warranty. Two weeks downtime very depressing... New frame is white, looking forward to new setup :)

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