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BOS's new ride on its home turf


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So Ive finally got a proper roadbike. My old Shwinn was ok, steel homegrown cheapish parts and I probably looked more like a mtbiker then but hey, Im all over being offended when mates call me names when they see my road bike, cause I still know I kick them arses on the dirt ;)

So anyways, heres my new baby, I got the Merida frame and the SLR300 wheels from Sean231 they sound expensive and the whole carbon vibe is nice and stiff, I shmaak it, I also got 175mm cranks as a pose to 172.5.. I dont feel a difference yet. the parts are a mix of new and used Ultegra and 105, the 105 really only because I want it all black, the r-der is older ultegra 6600 and will be first to go.

Ive spent the last two nights tuesday till 3am and last night till 12 to get it ready, all at home, hardly any tools, just a leatherman.B) .

Im looking forward to bonding with this one as I find one really starts feeling like its "your own" once youve suffered together a bit.

Sunday is the Knysna race.. after the 85km mtb on sat.. its going to be good.


I took it for its maiden voyage this morning to see that all works well before the weekend. seapoint surf was cranking, so I took some pics where I often stop for a streach on recovery rides.

post-1279-039669900 1277974224.jpg

post-1279-097225300 1277974308.jpg

post-1279-075728400 1277974358.jpg

post-1279-079011100 1277974401.jpg

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That looks nice. Those Edge wheels really compliment it. I would just suggest you tilt the seat so that the nose is about 3-5mm higher then the back.

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what are the early morning temperatures like down there on your rides?

Here, just up the hill from durbs its about 6 degrees at worst and average about 12-14 i suppose?

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ja mostly between 8-14 degrees


I will check my seat, might be the photo angle, I normally ride my seat level.. otherwise it eats my ghoons when im in the drops1

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cant wait to ride my bike home now.. quick trip passed the bikeshop to go show off, B)


How the hell did those photos get that huge?? oh I see they shrunk again

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