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  1. Stall_Gear is 100% correct. If the BB is not aligned 100% true, it will get eaten up in no time.... if it is 100% true and greased well when installed, it will handle years of mtb.....
  2. I have a Led Lenser MT10 torch. its 1000 lumen. and for R79 you get a handle bar mount. Torch costs R 1295 at Outdoor warehouse. Its perfect.... anything better in a cycling specific brand is R2k plus and no use as a regular torch. Also, the battery last for hours on full beam. the Garmin and others dont get 1:30hrs. Spare batteries are cheap by comparison. and at R79 for the mount I got 2, 1 on my MTB and 1 on road bike. Spare bike mount for any bike specific brand lights are R600 plus.
  3. Come to Papa.... I mean Giba!!! We are spoilt in KZN
  4. Thanks David Sounds like a really fun bike. Tempting.
  5. Are any of you guys riding the new (ish) Morewood Zula 27.5? They get good reviews on the web (mainly UK), but wanting to know how the local guys are finding them for local marathon / XC conditions? Cheers,
  6. The problem I have with doping is simple..... When you die, all you leave behind is your reputation. I would rather be remembered as a good honest living guy that raced with his heart and never won jack ****, but had a blast with his buddies doing it... Then be remembered for a guy who raced balls out, won races, took dope and got caught.... Think of your kids...
  7. Great SA ambassador..... I just wish the sport of ladies cycling had a bigger viwership in general. She should be a household name.
  8. +1 on the quick release scewers... take them out of both wheels, clean them , lube them, and put them back...
  9. Ironically depicted in their products too.
  10. Take your wheels off and lube the skewers. Ie. take the skewers right out and rub some lube on the skewer shafts.
  11. Ya, as long as you use MTB disc hubs. MTB rear frame spacing is 135mm. Road hubs are 130mm. Front bit wider too.
  12. I think you mad to be on that road on a bicycle regardless.
  13. Maybe real.... but not natural...
  14. Plus the odd tropical cyclone in summer...... but otherwise great!! On a serious note, it really gets to me what cycling repairs set people back. I know not everyone is inclined to do their own maintance, but 29er hardtail, tool kit and internet instructions off manufacturers websites are the way forward.... Even with fork services.. Go get a 5w and 15w yamalube fork oil from the local motorbike dealer. Download the Rockshox service instructions and off you go.. Theres a lady that works for me who loves mtb, but jees, i cringe when i see what the shops rip her just about every month... i just tell her to leave the bike with me every once in a while... its madness... Also, shops dont educate people about replacing your chain before everything is worn.... they leave custormers to run the same chain for many muddy miles and then sting them with a couple of grand bill for cassette, chain and chainrings.... change you chain 2 or 3 times a year and you will run the same cassette and rings for 3-4 years....
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