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Pedalcare bike insurance

Clint Adams

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Anybody know about a insurance broker Pedalcare that does bike insurance? I cant seem to open the website. I see that the domain is inactive according to my ISP?


Got a flyer of theirs today @ city cycles and need to know if they are still up and running?

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As far as I know they are not, based on what someone said here a week or two ago. But then most of the stuff said here is usually bs, so maybe not.....

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Riccardo Stermin

T 021-948 0630

F 0866 115 123

C 083 675 2057


he will help you out with insurance on your bike

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Glad I did not use them. Cannot take a business seriously who allows there domain to expire.



Years ago Microsoft forgot to renew their Hotmail domain. Some private guy snapped it up and tried to give it back to them but they didn't believe him for a while.


As for PedalCare, i'm still with them although they did have to move all their policies to CycleSure, from whoever they used before.

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Velo, you just confirmed my comment - don't take M$ seriously either :)


But my point is that how can I trust a company to insure my bike if they are unable to run their own business properly. Its obvious the owners need to read "In Search of Excellence" with reference to clients perceptions of a business when such things happen.

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