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Advice on MTB purchase pls


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Hi there


I'm shopping for a MTB. New/2nd hand... I'm more of a roady so don't know much about off road but i'm keen to get into it. Have always ridden a hard tail but i'm open to suggestions. import/buy locally? +/-15K


Appretiate the help.

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Hi there Rick,


If you are looking at the 15k mark, you are better off buying a hardtail. However, its a difficult time of the year to start looking at bikes, as most wholesalers are out of most of their stock. A very good allround bike to look at is the SCOTT Scale 40 (2010). This bike has awesome geometry, and a very good all round spec. You are allways welcome to PM me with any questions. Ivw been in the bike trade for 11 years and will advise you as well as possible.

By the way, what size are you? Might have a very good 2nd hand deal i can organize for you.

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I am looking at MTB for me and my wife. Ladies bike we are looking at is a blue and white Scott (m) and for me Maarida something 400 of about R8200. Wil this be any good for us as we are both riding tandem at the moment



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Thys, you are probably referring to the Scott Aspect 45? (Sells for about 5k) Unfortunately im still waiting for a reply from Scott. I havent had time to meet up with Merida yet either. I should be in a premises by 1st September, then things will get easier from a supply side. Scoot is long sold out on the Aspect 45. Merida and Scott are low on 2010 stck, and are both awaiting 2011 arrivals VERY soon. The 2011 Scott launch will be end of this month. If you can, i would suggest you try hang on till the 2011 bikes arrive (some are allready here). If you guys are looking at recreational riding, the bikes you are looking at will be perfect.





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