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fork oil from factory


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So what is the deal with forks coming from the factory. I have heard of a number of people having low oil levels straight from the factory.


On my manitou minute which I have about 400km on I drained the oil out of the lowers to see what was in there as they felt less slick than I felt they should be (manual says about 16cc per side) there was about 8cc in the one and possibly 2cc in the other side :angry:


whats the deal? With low levels someone not technically inclined could find them selves with a toasted fork pretty fast because of a lack of lubrication!

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Those forks only have 15ml per side and the rest is possibly still inside, waiting to drain.


Having said that, I've found all sorts of issues on new forks, including broken C-clips, low oil, poor seals, vrot O-rings etc.


Welcome to the club.

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I held them upside down for a few minutes pumped them up and down a few times and still nada...

at least now I know they have enough oil in them :)

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