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Opinions on Giants Dry Silk Teflon Plus Lube


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So whats the low down on this product. My LBS sold me this and I have been using it. I am lubing correctly but I am concerned its not up to the job?


The reason for this is I lubed the chain lekker then had to take it to my LBS who them promptly told me my chain needed lubing, only 20 min after I had lubed it!





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It sounds like my wife when she's got a g-string on....You know it's there but you can't see it until you look closer....
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I am assuming this brand is not well known due to the lack of replies. Strange as Giant seems to be such a strong brand in the country (SA).


After this weekend I have formulated my own opinion. The stuff is crap! I did the simplest race with my fiance. 30 km of all jeep track, 90% downhill, dry and not very dusty or sandy with 1 river crossing. My chain was completely unprotected by 15km. Its no good.


So what to try? I am going to give the White Lightning Epic a go as its the only one that hasn't had a bashing on this forum, that I can see. The others have huge fans and huge haters. teh next best seems to be Squirt?


A question, I cleaned a small section of my chain will lemon juice and hot water. The sand and muck just fell off the chain leaving it shiny and brand new looking. I am not sure if its the lemon juice or the hot water thats responsible. Is there any harm in using hot water and / or lemon juice?


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