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Service for Cannondale and Omnico SA


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Hi All


We often complain about things that go wrong but I definitely want to tell a story were I received exceptinal service.


One of the rear carbon seatstays on my Scalpel broke and every person I spoke to said that it was an extremely odd looking break for carbon. This kind of brake would typically happen when caused by external impact. I explained to the guys that it was a brand new bike that has never left my sight and has not been banged on anything. After some inspection the local guys agreed with me and submitted the claim to the States.


The States had one look at and declined the claim, a second claim with a motivation and some more pictures were submitted, but unfortunately the states declined again. By this time I was personally ready to give up but the guys from Omnico gave me a a loan frame to use in the meanwhile and persisted to follow it up with the states. As a final attemtpt the guys from Omnico locally cut the piece of carbon from the frame and took it to the states to go show them that it was not damaged due to an exsternal impact and fortunately they agreed to replace the frame under the warranty.


From my side I would like to say a big thank you to Nigel from Omnico for the the trouble he went through as well as Andre from Epic Sports who assisted with the entire process. I rode the Kalahari Challenge over the weekend and loved the Scalpel.


Thank you so much


Paul Gerber

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Now thats the kind of story we all like to hear. :D

Well done Omnico and Epic Sports!!!!


I have had several dealings with Omnico and they are brilliant.


Glad you got sorted out.

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It's good to hear about good service... I was a bit disappointed in them 2 weeks back thou - I wanted to know if I could fit a BB30 to my CAAD9, and they couldn't help - which was suprising, considering they are the agents for cannondale :blink:


So i just emailed cannondale directly (from the link on their site) and got a reply within 20 minutes. That impressed me!


cannondale for life!

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Good to hear!

They could have just shrugged their shoulders and said that Cannondale USA's word was final - Sorry for you!

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