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Does anybody know where one can upload or download rides thay have done that have been tracked by a GPS like the Garmin Edges

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motionbased was quite good, now you have to use the garmin connect thing which is not so lekker..

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Look at endomondo.com

It is a good way to see other routes. They are working on an app that allows for route sharing and exporting routes onto a device.

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Gents Help a brother out, bit of a hijack but I beleve the answer to this question might be given already.


SO: Ive had my forunner for about 18months so I have a lot of rides in my Garmin training centre.. I use Sportstracks aswell, but Like training centre as its easy to see all the details of your ride in one go.


2 weeks ago my unit started giving me the "limited space delete old data" message.. SO since my rides was all backed up In 2 computerprogrammes, I deleted riders older than 3 months..


Yesterday when uploading my weeks rides, training center asked my "do you want to keep your info in your device or on your PC"??

I wasnt quite sure what was used up till then and chose the wrong one.. not even sure which one, but what it basicly did was delete all old rides and only kept the "last 3 months's " stuff.

I tried to find backups and couldnt find any, also what I can export my training diary as on sportstracks doesnt even regester in the sportstracks "import" options.


Im really F'ed off that it can be that easy to lose so much info..


Any pointers?

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