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Single speed frame question


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I think the fascination with single speed is starting to get to me, and I want to try it out. 2 questions though:


1.) Can you use a regular road frame (albeit and old columbus steel one) to build up a single speed, or is a single speed frame a specific kind of frame?


2.) The next question is somewhat related to the above, although slightly different. The above question refers to whether it is technically possible, but I also want to know whether the geometry of a single speed is different to that of a regular road frame? So even it is possible, is it advisable?


Thanks for helping as always

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You could use that blue Tommasini.

Subject to a blurry pic of the rear drop outs.

You'll preferably need horizonatl dropouts to get tension on the chain in the absence of a RD (the 2nd function of the RD)

If you have vertical dropouts you could use a chain tensionser




But that Tommasini frame has braze on FD bracket and braze on shifter bosses and RD eye

Track frames are the best but they aren't drilled for a brake unless you switch to a road fork.

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Thanks for the reply. Firstly, no no, the Tommasini already has it's own handpicked parts on the way. I'll post some pics when it's done :-)


I may be able to get hold of some other old steel frames though, and was wondering if I could go the SS route with one of them.


I do see that the SS/Fixie bikes go for cheap-ish though (in comparison with what people spend on bikes these days in any case). So maybe I'll just pick one of the shelf. It just looks like real fun.

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I suppose the secret to success with any singlespeed is the chainline. If you use a undished wheel the sprocket and the chainblade MUST line up. Easier options is to get a singlespeed conversion kit that upgrades a normal freewheel hub with the use of spacers.

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Its easy to go SS on any frame, new or old, but not as easy to go fixed gear, since most track hubs are 120mm wide and road frames vary from 126mm to 130mm depending on the age of the frame. If the track hubs have long axles you can use spacers to get the required width, but then chainline can be a real issue to perfect. Track hubs can only be used on horizontal dropout frames though.


Heres a couple of single speeders that I built up just for fun:


Vertical dropout Giant:

post-1099-082114200 1282339446_thumb.jpg


Horizontal dropout Daccordi:

post-1099-032397500 1282339499_thumb.jpg

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