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Mtb Trails in Knysna


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On 8/23/2010 at 1:49 PM, eyecandy said:

Yes, I have a booklet of all the different trails in that area. Give me your mail address and ill send u the info.





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Like I said, give me a shout, I'll be there then, I grew Up there, the marked routes makes for about 10% of what there is to ride. Not to diss eyecandy at all, Im just saying.


Of the marked routes..


you have to do the Redroute at Hakerville its Legendary, Homtini is fun, but Its a 30 minute drive, so is Petrus se brand, Unless you ride there from town but then It becomes a 3hr ride, Kom se pad, is about 55km but theres so many rides there. better stuf liek "poison spider" etc etc..


By the way, bring your lights, theres some cool stuff in those bushes at night.


Hey Bos. I need to chat to you about some of the "locals only" routes. I might be coming up to Knysna around Xmas/ New Year and would like to ride some of the other routes.

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Hi, can I please also get this info? I'll be there next week. I rode homtini and obviously harkerville, but was also hoping there is more... especially single track, not too keen on dirt road stuff, but from the pics that were posted there seems to be a lot.

please email to martinpallmann@gmail.com



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Plantations.. you should see the forrest! hehe


Ya cool, now you got me looking forward to the end of the year, but my birthday is in Dec, then I get older : ( I wanna stay a Kid!


Ask Jacques at Cycleworks, Tell him BOS sent you, He will drop to the ground and offer you a free coke (not) haha


damn, dont get me started on Knysna, I love that place, My ashes will have to be spread reall thin to cover the whole thang oneday.


Bringing up on old thread.


Awesome looking trails. Who can I speak to about riding those tree trails these days.


In Plett now and will be riding Harkerville this afternoon or tomorrow morning

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