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  1. @Jewbaccahappy to lend you a rocker plate to try out...slide (or should that be rock) into my DMs
  2. Sjoe, how to respond? Good luck with the sales ACE, as I said before the more rocker plates out there the better.
  3. Absolutely, the more rocker plates that are out there the better. At least I’m consistent in my beliefs, probably why I’m not a politician.
  4. Sounds awesome Veebee. Agreed it does take some getting used to wrt timing and pedal / riding action, but once you get the hang of it it’s a game changer. Perhaps consider a wooden floor sealer type finish rather than paint? Look forward to seeing pics of your rocker.
  5. I understand and appreciate why you use inflatables in your rocker plate design, I'm simply saying that with a different design you can achieve the desired "customisation" without using them
  6. Hey Ramrod, you may need inflatable balls (or springs) if your design doesn't make use of rocking ribs (or simply "rockers"). Our design however means you don't need inflatables (or springs) and you can simply use the appropriate weight and location for your counterweights to offset the various flywheels on different IDTs. You just check beforehand that everything is set-up level, either using a spirit level or the Bubble Level free app on your smartphone and away you go.
  7. Forgot to add, re: the walking around the room point, in our testing this problem was addressed again by using 3 ribs not 2 ensuring more contact area with the ground and more even weight distribution, the dimpled rubber on the ribs for added grip, and by using a riser block to “fix” the position of the front wheel, and/or by sufficiently raising the front wheel to ensure a correct set-up.
  8. Thanks man. Yes Max McAllister from Traxxion Dynamics, Georgia. I won’t lie, his views on rockers v springs v inflatables were a big influence. IIRC he uses ALU because in his opinion it offers a more “lively” action. We haven’t found our birch ROCKITs to be dull, and actually believe your floor surface has a greater effect on action r/t material used to construct your rocker plate. Our design uses 3 rocking ribs instead of 2, and we use industrial standard dimpled rubber on the underside of each rocker, so I’d like to think we’ve addressed and resolved any concerns about uneven wear. Also the 3 rib design means there is virtually zero chance of the wood warping due to the increased contact / rebated / glued areas. We also use superior grade 18mm Baltic birch ply...some designs use only 2 ribs, lower quality wood and/or thinner cuts which obviously increases the risks of things getting out of true.
  9. So things have been pretty hectic (good hectic) the past month with ROCKIT launches: https://rockitrideit.co.za/#testimonials This is our design for our first full length platform, the ROCKIT BOOSTR, which doesn't incorporate fore/aft movement but is aimed at those who want everything mounted on the same plane and moving around the same axis, e.g. those with KICKR Climbs
  10. Our shipping cost to JHB is R125 with The Courier Guy. The demo unit is already with CycleLab, but I only received confirmation today via email that they have put the demo unit on the Fourways shop floor. So yes I hope they will be stocking the ROCKIT + accessories, but (full disclosure) I need to have a chat with the Merchandising Manager first. The launch special price R3,299 ends 30 June. Just a heads up.
  11. What @shaper said I'll DM you now as well. ROCKIT launch special price is R3,299 + R499 for the birch DOCK-X. We can source you a plastic riser block for R249 if you'd prefer.
  12. That's just the prototype, but maybe you can make out the lines where we identified we need to cut more away to accommodate fatter tyres. The DOCK X has been designed for use with the ROCKIT; the V-shaped groove allows you to lean your front wheel as you get out the saddle and hooi the bike left/right. Unlike some rocker plates and their front wheel fixings which appear to firmly clasp the front wheel in place and give a "rigid" experience.
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