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Scott Spark 50 '09


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Hi to all Hubbers!


I am interested in buying a second hand Scott Spark 50.

It has +- 800km on it and approx. 1 year old(new) with all components stock.

The current asking price is 10k.

I noticed the new 2011 stock is imminent for SA with the 2010 Spark 50 going for 17k at Hotspot Cycles...


Any comments?




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Oh yes,


The owner supposedly paid R35k for the bike, "before they were imported in larger amounts".

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  • 2 weeks later...

If it's in good nick and only done 800 kms as the owner claims then 10k is not a bad price. The 35K part is BS by the way. If he bought it new from a cycle shop he would have paid somewhere between 17 - 18.5k.

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I hate it when sellers overprice their items like crazy! It makes me want to cancel the deal!

Why can't they just be honest!


The bike is in pristine condition! Included is new( original rims ) , new conti mountain king tires 2.2, sludge & shimano spd m505 pedals & sludge.

Not tubeless.

So I can be comfortable buying this bike( alot of money).


Does anyone know how long a alu-frame will hold?




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