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  1. The seat tube is steeper on the Hyrax and it's a pretty well balanced bike. If anything it's actually front wheel biased as far as weight distribution is concerned. I think Fred has other factors at play, maybe even locking up the front brakes into corners.
  2. I cant afford Leatt, but managed to buy 2 pairs of gloves a while back. Don't know the model name but they are minimalist. I dont like heavy thick gloves and would ride without gloves if I didnt sweat so much. Fit is ok, quality is Meh. The elastic around the wrist section stretched out in no time so they dont fit snugly anymore - not a biggie because they still work, but compared to other brands I use I would rate them as average.
  3. Berg and Bush gets my vote. Starting and finishing at the same place is a huge bonus and the riding is good.
  4. lol, its a fun bike - gets equal saddle time with the Hyrax, and can almost ride the same stuff on it.
  5. Psssst ... Shimano 12 Speed Derailleur works with a SRAM gripshift - Same indexing. I'm an old Grip shift advocate, been using them for 15 Years now, but don't mind triggers.
  6. Meh - support local - some awesome bikes coming out of Howick.
  7. Out of that list Isuzu every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  8. If it's priced right it will sell. On the timing issue - there seems to be a massive backlog at the deeds offices all around the country due to covid restrictions etc. On average deals are taking 4 months from the time the OTP is signed till registration at the deeds office. They can always pay occupational rent should you wish to move out and it hasn't registered yet.
  9. Start a thread like that on mybroadband ... It will grow to 10 pages in two hours and will cover everything from racism to religion and politics all in one thread.
  10. I shimmed a seatpost with a coke can - still doing the trick
  11. I want one from the ISS .. that would be cool
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