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  1. Hi, Do you guys still do rentals on bags?
  2. Cool. I work in Auckland Park, and would like to get some info on where you ride/train?
  3. Het lanklaas iets op die hub geskryf, en so 'n topic is moeilik om te ignoreer... Anthems FTW! Whoop whoop!
  4. Hi Attie, Just my 2c, as I have ridden both wheel sizes on Anthem X's quite extensively and have test ridden the 26" as well. Currently have AX Advanced 27.5 (but that's for another day talking about my baby) Go and test ride these bikes, preferably somewhere where you've ridden allot before. They are miles apart from each other in my opinion. I personally believe more in Geo, perfect fitment (handlebars/stems/fitment) and engine issues than wheel sizes. From my experience everything I never got used to on the AX29 (rode for 2years) as far as handling and geo, they fixed on the 27.5. The maestro design has also been tweaked for the 27.5 wheel. Also, the whole bike was designed from scratch, i.e. no "old" part was used in designing the 27.5. I did as much reading as available on these bikes and sometimes you will see that guys mention that the maestro design isn't ideal for the 29er wheel, thus the reason for the long chain-stays that everyone mentions/notices but not necessary complain about. To be honest, I think Giant is trying to keep this quite. With Giant only stating that 29er weren't exactly right for them. The dimensions of the front vs rear triangle changed quite allot on the 27.5 versus the AX29. The AX29 felt to me like a boring bike, but felt alive when pushed hard, and that's what Anthems are supposed to do. The harder you push it, the more lively the bike becomes. The 27.5 is just all round a much more fun bike. I just cannot get over how awesome this bike rides and handles. Downhills are also allot more fun and engaging. With the best way to sum up the 27.5 being brilliantly balanced. Look, don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved my AX29, and it serves it purpose as an all day out epic/stage race ride bike in its full right. They don't tell you that on the website for nothing. I don't want to step on any toes, but this bike compares to the best stage race bikes out there. Just a different "look". I do however have a Niner HT, which feels much better (considering points mentioned above) than the AX29. So I'm not anti 29er. As far as frame replacement, I haven't heard someone not getting his frame replaced in a reasonable time from the supplier. Again, this is just my experience. Go and Ride....
  5. PS. Best way to describe this bike: Puts the fun back in riding compared to my AX29 and most important of all, best balanced bike ever!
  6. Have has this baby for a while now. Best Anthem/Bike I have ever ridden. Brings everything together for me what I expect from my MTB. Giant really dialed in their geo on the new anthem design and modded maestro design for 27.5. When I test rode this bike the very first time, I knew I had to get it. Stock wheels are very very good. But have fitted AC Wide wheelset, and can't be happier due to extra grip. There are so much more aspects to consider on your 'perfect bike' than the wheel size in my opinion. Have had 5 different MTB bikes(All wheel/HT/FS bikes) including my most loved bike before my 27.5, an AX291 that I rode the longest of all my bikes.
  7. CL for me. Need to get back into racing to get back in AL.
  8. Great topic. Haven't commented on anything for ages on the hub.
  9. N.S. I have ridden Crests for years with stock hubs 3.30 and have ridden Crests with 240S Hubs both on 29er wheels. Look, theres nothing wrong with a Crest Good hub combo, but the wider rim on the new AC's on the smaller size wheel gets you way more grip than what you need. Wait is there such a thing as too much grip? The two drwabacks I have read about on the new AC's are the hub engangement being too big(degrees), old hub design and the rim tape leaking initially.
  10. Hi, I'm also riding a 27.5 Anthem Advanced, matt black finish. A quick side comment, the bike is absolutely brilliant, I have ridden all the XC variations there are, and this is the best I've ridden to date. The stock wheels XCR1 wheels are really good and light, so don't underestimate those stock wheels at all. Back to wheels! Did my research and got me a pair of AC Wide Lightning with IKON EXC/EXO tires. I couldnt be happier, but it also pointed out how good those stock wheels are. Stock wheels have DT Swiss Internals, and follow very much a XT style design with straight pull spokes and rim. My vote goes for AC Wide Lightning.
  11. AC Valves I've had is also terrible. I suspect it gets more brittle after you use a bomb. The heat/cold difference will definitely do something to it. Good question though.
  12. Day 3 Photos. http://showme.co.za/nelspruit/interactive/isuzu-3-towers-day-3-2014/?album=43&gallery=924
  13. Jip. Have exactly the same issues. The caps do not stay in place when inserting into fork. New o-rings will help though. Keep us posted
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