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Bent Giant XTC 2 Frame


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I was involved in a car accident with my Giant XTC 2 on the bike rack on the back of the car.


The bike took a knock on the back wheel and the frame has been slightly bent at the indicated point in the attachment.


I took it in to a bike shop today and the technician told me that they can't bend these frames. They were able to bend the old steel frames but can't bend an aliminium frame. The bend is not that big, I didn't even notice it when looking at the frame myself after the crash so I'm not sure if the shop is just hoping to sell a new frame to me.


I only recently started mountain biking and I'm so bleak about this and I love the bike and frame.


So is it possible to bend the frame back? Any advice or guidance as to the effect of this on the strength of the frame and how it will affect my riding will be greatly appreciated. Obviously this would be my first option before buying a new frame.


I don't consider myself a too hard core rider and I don't suspect the frame taking heavy knoks in the future, obviously it's possible but I don't punish a bike like some riders.


Please guys, any guidance will be much appreciated.



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Nice bike. I cannot figure out if its a 26" or 29er.


I assume you do not have insurance?


Buy a new frame and rebuild or your components onto new frame. The risk associated with using this frame is not worth it.

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