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2 x10 groupset ratios


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get the right crank, and 2 cassettes - choose your weapon based on the race.


I have the best of both!



26/42 and 11-32 - 2x9


Whats it like climbing up to the mast?

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I have been looking at this as well and wondering.

Try and look or make your own gear chart/table and understand the gear ratios.


From what I can understand and work out - a 2x10 set-up (12-36 cassette and 28/42 rings) give a slightly harder climbing gear and not as fast a top gear as a standard triple ste-up (11-34 cassette and 22/32/44 rings) i.e. not as big a range of gears.


I don't mind missing out on the top end, but I use my granny gear hear and there.

I don't think I am a candidate for 2x10 just yet.

Try www.gear-calculator.com - you can compare different setups. Awesome tool.

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I weigh 93kg and have just installed the X9 2x10 on my hardtail (26" so can't comment for 29"). I've got the 42/28 crankset and the 12/36 cassette. Its one thing that SRAM give you all the choices, another one entirely getting exactly what you want. The above combo is what I could get.


My views in the couple of months of riding:


I'd rather have a 44 big blade as you spin out on the flats quite quickly (don't do much flat riding though), or an 11 small cog on the cassette, but I guess swapping out the 42 for a 44 when its worn is the cheapest and easiest.


I definitely need the 36 cog on the cassette, so no chance I'd go for the 34. The ratio (on my old 3x9 setup) between the 22 small blade and the 34 big cog is 0.647. Between the 28 "small blade" and the 36 big cog (on the 2x10) its 0.944. Not sure how scientific this is, but that's nearly a 50% difference, i.e. 50% harder for the 2x10 granny gear. That said I never wanted for gears on this year's Sabie Classic and with over 2000m of climbing in 73km it made really nervous initially. I think you adapt a mentality similar to what our 1speed bretheren do: this is all I've got so I'll have to ride it. Amazing what you can ride when you have to.


For me, I'll never look back from 2x10, best move I ever made. On my 3x9 setup (44/32/22 and 11/34) I had 5 overlapping ratios, effectively leaving only 22 usable ratios. This excludes the gears you cannot use due to chain crossover. For my 2x10 setup there is only 1 overlapping ratio and there are no crossover issues, so effectively 19 useable ratios.

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