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  1. Have to agree. I am generally a strong local supporter and typically take most of my business to a single bricks & mortar bikeshop. And whilst I am certain there are bike shops that pull the p*ss on pricing, mine is not one of them. On Friday I was looking for a set of wheels for a mate after he had been quoted R8k rebuild his Hope/Stans Crest rear wheel. First add I found on bike hub was for a set of brand new SRAM Roam wheels for R8,500. A good price considering the ad says they retail at R12k (and the guy advertising them I consider to be upstanding so I believe what's in his ad). Then I went into the SRAM website to check what the rim width was. And what do I find? Recommended retail pricing of $322-374 or €336-390, the Euro price being inclusive of European VAT. Actually it clearly states maximum recommended retail price. Using the highest Euro price which already includes 20% VAT I get to R6,240 using an ROE of 16, which is pretty conservative. So other than shipping to SA this should roughly be parity pricing to Euro pricing. The USD calculation comes out at a very similar value. And retail for these wheels is R12k here!? No duties apply, so shipping costs to SA must be astronomical nowadays
  2. ???? From a Pyga to a CracknFail HT???? ....send me your address and I'll dispatch and exorcist immediately ????
  3. Is that going on that orange Pyga of yours?
  4. Shot for the Core Merino link! Been hunting for local merino baselayer offering for ages and never found this.
  5. Awesome stuff....proud to own one of Dave's fine machines!
  6. No comments on this topic for about 9 months now so was wandering if anything has changed? I'd like to combine the cradle loop with Avianto. Can I start at Avianto, or would that result me in doing the Cradle loop from the wrong direction? Any idea on full distance doing the full Avianto blue route (both sides of the R114 and then the Cradle loop and back? Thanks
  7. That is lovely, just lovely, but....bevrug my liggies met 'n PYNappel but that is eyewateringly expensive.
  8. Oval chainrings on a SS? Sacrilege! What next....hydraulic disc brakes? Shame on you! ????
  9. Showing my age here, but I'll er...bite. Effie, abbreviation of FL i.e. French Letter, i.e. Condom
  10. Too much sugar and too much carbs. Even if you are unconvinced of a low carb approach, your eating is seriously high carb. Other than the apple or naartjie there is nothing there I would even consider eating.
  11. XT is a great upgrade from XT....when it wears out
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