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Spaanschemat Rd Banshee Screamer


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Hi Hubbers,


I often ride on Spaanschemat Road in the afternoon from 5pm onwards.


Yesterday for the 4th time a guy (passenger) in an old Mazda 323 lets out a banshee scream as they passed me. He then turns around to see what effect it had on me.


Has anybody else experienced this or know who the person is so that I can return the favour?


Maybe he's jealous of my SL2 and wants me to fall! :lol:




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Maybe he was being carted off for his daily electro-shock therapy - or to pick up his medication :D

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I have yet to experience this.


Smile and wave.

That is not the reaction they want, but it will make you smile.

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this kind of thing happens to me on a regular basis - last time it was a pedestrian on kalk bay main road, young guy trying to look cool or funny next to his young lady. i don't think it got him laid...

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