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  1. Epic Bike Shop on Main rd, Plumstead (above Suzuki South). www.epicbikeshop.co.za
  2. bit out of line there, sir. I can't agree to the comparison of professional riders of similar abilities riding an event with full road closure to a weekend morning fundride with large groups of varying abilities riding narrow roads that are open to public traffic. solutions: 1) Re-instate age-cat racing for the racing groups. Simplest would be elites (20-30 + anyone on a sponsored team) get their own start and then lump subvets, vets and masters together. (I for one would appreciate not having to race against semi-pro 20-year olds who can ride 30 hours a week and can get in 8-10 hours sleep a night without having to get up at 4am to train) 2) racing groups to be capped at 60 riders Simple
  3. Well then you are one lucky bugger! Are you telling me you had no injuries apart from what I can only assume must be road rash from hell?
  4. did you hit the deck along the R312? I saw someone go down just next to me while we were all at full tilt scrambling for wheels in the crosswinds. looked like maybe the rider was trying to avoid something in the road and lost control of the bike after a big swerve. looked really nasty. hope you or whoever it was is ok!
  5. full team entry still available, guys. drop me a pm if interested.
  6. Apologies - full team entry. Original post edited.
  7. Our club has a spare full team entry available. PM me if interested. (edit: apologies for any confusion)
  8. nuge

    Karoo 2 Coast 2014

    truly sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident. I started with the aforementioned rider in d group. my situation (presumably his as well, one can only speculate) was that I had acquired a late substitution entry and wasn't permitted to be reseeded at registration. In my opinion this situation has the following shortcomings: a) it means stronger riders end up starting way back and forcing themselves through the pack out of frustration (with very unfortunate consequences, yours being the case in point) and b) slower riders could end up in a faster group that they can't hang on to and causing "blockages" (of course, at least in the latter scenario they can drop back a group, but who's really going to do that, in all seriousness?) anyway, back to the ride: the rider mentioned above and I broke away from d group from the gun, but he had more balls than I did going through the traffic up the wa pad. he disappeared up the track while I carefully picked my way through trying to be polite as possible and get through without incident or getting in anyone's way (not easy considering the colourful abuse I endured - all fair comment I'm sure). after getting over myself I eventually succumbed to the walking (by the time we were halfway up there really was no point in forcing the issue). Was a bit disappointed to miss out on the whole sub-4 thing by a few minutes, but am more satisfied that at least no-one's ride was compromised. my only hope is that the event organisers will permit reseeding in future at registration (not exactly out of the ordinary at most events) to avoid these kinds of incidents. in my opinion the arguments against reseeding ("sorry sir, the group sizes are already set" - seriously, how many riders are we talking about here?) far outweigh the argument for (as per the incident you endured) other than that it's a great event and I'll be back next year (I'll try to remember to enter on time, though)
  9. Ok, I'm in: 1) Tony Martin 2) Fabian Cancellara 3) Mark Cavendish 4) Peter Sagan 5) Chris Froome 6) Alejandro Valverde 7) Alberto Contador 8) Joaquim Rodriguez 9) Vincenzo Nibali Thanks Gerald!
  10. think you had a rough day? Try riding away with 3 others with 30km to go only to be caught at the 3km to go sign. I was already preparing my speech for the podium when I heard the whir of wheels behind me. Finished nowhere. Oh well, next time I'll make it count!
  11. Fantastic response, thank you sir! Great to see a race organiser take it on the chin and promise to make good! (clicks strava "kudos" button). Btw 06h00 is fine (most of the northern suburbs races start this early, so no bias there).
  12. This feedback is really sad - living in the cape peninsula I've missed the simple luxury of getting up a bit later and actually riding to the start of a race in lieu of getting up at witching hour for a bleary-eyed hour's drive to a race. This morning I witnessed first-hand an accident involving a pair of riders who came a-cropper at the intersection of boyes and the road that runs past the westlake golf course. Confused about whether to continue straight or left, the marshall (standing on the island at the intersection, well out of earshot of descending riders) waved his flag to the point of ambiguity where they both lost control of their bikes and went cartwheeling into the island at the intersection. What was more disturbing was that the marshall saw this happen and just carried on waving his flag in some sort of erratic semaphore as if leaving his post would, ironically, cause further catastrophe. I ran up to find the one fellow had landed fairly squarely on his shoulder and managed to raise the ambulance for assistance. I saw him again at the finish bandaged up, I trust he'll be ok. My two cents is that these flag-waving fellows should be just before an intersection and not on it. There is simply not enough time for riders to change direction once we are within hearing range. Post edit: If you guys are all going to send hate mail to the PPA this race is going to go the way of the dodo. I appeal to anyone interfacing with the PPA to please be responsible and send constructive criticism (Peter, I know you've raised some good points already) so that this event can be safe and fun again like it once was. We need these southern rides, guys!
  13. I've found rubbing an ice pack on the quads and calves after a hard session or race limits the pain and seems to speed up recovery.
  14. odd to hear about these being installed on a public road - the only ones I'm aware of down here are in the waterfront which is private property. Typically civils contractors go for the asphalt bumps on public roads.
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