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Hydraulic Hose


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Some friends of mine on the motorcross scene swear by braided hydraulic hose for brakes in terms of it expands less under pressure and in so doing provides more accurate modulation and feel.


Is the hose you normally find on mtb brakes not braided already, or are they the spiral type?


Does anybody have any views on using single braid or even 6X braid hoses?


Is it a worthwhile upgrade?


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They use braided hose in MX cause the brakefluid when heated up expands the rubber hose that comes standard on Japanese bikes, (KTM come standard with braided hoses) therefore giving the brake a spongy feel to it and being less effective during the ride or moto.


I will be honest and say I dont think this effect will happen on a MTB bike but I may be wrong here. Maybe contact FrenTurbo in CT and ask them, they make aftermarket braided hoses and Im sure they can make for a MTB bike if need be. They sponsor a  2 MX riders I train and their work is topclass.

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