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Polar Speed Sensor Help Required


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My Polar Speed Sensor on my road bike is behaving erratically.


It over-inflates the speed once I accelerate and then stops reading entirely for a few seconds. I tried swapping it out with the speed sensor on my mountain bike as I know for certain it works on my mountain bike. The problem still exists on the road bike.


It is definitely set up correctly on both the bike and the watch. All that I can think of is that the magnet isn't doing its job.


Has anyone had a similar problem before?
Mandibles2007-09-16 12:46:10
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Hi Mandibles,


I have a CS200 and find that it is under recording distance. No sure on the speed reading.  I have just changed the wheel setting from the one recommended in the book as when i measured the distance of one rotation I found about 1% difference.


This however is not enough as I was out by about 5%.


I did notice that at slow speed, ie when going up a hill at 10kph the speed would drop out and record 0.


This could also account for the low distance.


To try and correct this I have moved the sensor as high up the fork as possible, just under the brake, and will see if this helps.


Will keep you informed. 

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