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Greetings from Montagu


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We are here doing secret training for the DC!!!. I believe we are on a cycling BOOT CAMP OF NOTE. AngryAngry


I fell hard yesterday CryCry Not going to go into detail as 90% of you all will laugh!!!!!woke up this morning black & blue and my better 1/2 says it will make me tougher if I get back onto the bike and ride. I look at him with tears in my eyes & I can see I am not winning this debate,  I have to add that it's raining and wind is bumping like I have never seen before. So of we headed towards Tradouw pass, I got to the bottom and check this huge thing waiting for me, and just turned around and battled all the way back in the wind and rain got 1/2 way back and I get a flat!!! I am cold, pissed off and have a flat that I don't know what I am going to do about.... Lucky for me the team manager came to the rescue.... tomorrow is another day at the cycling boot camp

Skye2007-09-23 12:14:14
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