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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxWsuqz1T0g
  2. Cool. I'm running into probs with the chest, so for now I dont wanna do anything hectic. Unless you guys wanna see a ou trying to pull his skin of his chest cause it feels to heavy :-) Will be in touch
  3. Some seriously nice bikes here. Sorry "Giant" bikes here. Anthem and XTC seem to be the weapon of choice for most on the forum. Went through 3 quarter of the posts and only saw 3 Revel's. What a pity :-(
  4. Thanx LeoKnight. Do you know if its a strenuous ride? Or is....... slow :-)
  5. Is this still alive? I see weekends becoming a problem for me. During the week will be good, pref around 7. If at all possible. And besides, if I fall my "bek stukken" I'm off from work for a few days lol.
  6. Hey guys. I have a opportunity to upgrade the standard wheels that came with my Giant Revel tp a pair of Mavicks. Both my wheels are auick release, Mavick rear wheel is quick release but the front is thru axle. Youtube shows a simple cylinder that slides into the thru axle hub to make it quick release. Is this the correct way to go about converting it?
  7. Was for myself and my son. Thanx to Iwan from the forum for the helmets and gloves as well as the extra bits. Appreciated.
  8. O googled tge bike model thats why i never saw it.
  9. "If you can read the writing on the rotor from the outside then it is right" If a place them in the direction of the arrow, then the arrow and words are on the inside of the rotors. Closest the rims. These are not Shimano branded discs, in fact i dont see a name at all.
  10. Mmmmm. Ek weet nie so lekka van die sport af nie. Most of my injuries are from my younger days. Mostly skin and some deep cuts. Luckily no broken bones. Does gallstones count? That crap would make anybody bend over backwards with pain. Guaranteed!
  11. I just did some reading regarding rotors and the proper direction. Seems mine has the arrow printed in the opposite direction to the rotor blades. According to some "Actually you should run them the proper direction, since the struts perform better under under compression than tension, else warping conditions (very rare) can happen." If i place my rotors in the direction of the arrow then the rotors are facing the wrong direction. Wierd!
  12. Im no bike expert, but i dont think v brakes ever came out in hydraulic.
  13. Looks quite neat, with the option of threading through the cable tie. Both around the frame as well as over the hose.
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