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  1. T-Bag


    The guy used wood glue but that is what everyone uses, but he didn't put enough on or something...
  2. T-Bag


    Once I'm able to walk properly again I'm gonna go to the bike shop and give the guy some leka warm klappe!
  3. This weekend I hade a crash... again I rode the crit at Tour Durban Sat afternoon and when a cornered my back tubbie came of... I crashed at about 45Km/h and cracked my BRAND NEW Zipp 404's Have you ever heard of tubbies coming of or did the guy that put my tubbies on do a crap job? I think it is his fault...
  4. You only have to change the body but they dont have any stock and I need it ASAP
  5. Ive got a set of Ksyrium Elite wheels that is campag and I need to change it to shimano... Does anybody maybe have a extra pair or something that I can just swop the body with? The dealers say they will only have again by end January next year Any help please!!
  6. Does anybody know more about the EQUINOX wheels?
  7. I would take a set of Boras if anyone will sponsor me with them!!!!
  8. Hi I want to buy myself a nice Christmas gift, a pair of deep section wheels... Whice must I go for???
  9. Nice fotos en als mar is da niks van di juniors of 0/16s nie??? Dalk n foto van die 0/16 sprint opi finish.....
  10. Stop? For what? A waiste of training time if you ask me!!
  11. Tom Boonen! My hero!!!!!! If you ask me, the commentators was wrong, it was 1800 Kilo watt!!!!! He is a
  12. Yeah, sory about the other one! I was a bit
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