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  1. casspir


    'n Snit uit "Blood Diamonds". Toe die hoofkarakter 'n opdrag per sateliet telefoon ontvang vanaf sy bevelvoerder en hy nie saamstem nie was sy reaksie ..... "d@@s!" Puik! Dit het die fliek geloofwaardig gemaak. Tipiese reaksie uit die grensoorlog dae. Groete, casspir
  2. casspir


    Ag wat, hulle se moere ook!
  3. casspir


    Dis so lekker om 'n Engelsman, Ier, Skot, Aussie of Nieu Zeelander se moer in Afrikaans te vloek .... met 'n bre? glimlag op jou bakkies! En hy dink jy's nogal nice! Afrikaans sterwend. Nee nooit. Groetnis uit Addis Ababa. En dit re?n alweer. casspircasspir2008-08-14 07:26:51
  4. Nou praat jy Hennerik. Hierdie vasteland moet ordentlik besigtig word. Ek is nou maar so drie weke hier teen die Albert Meer in Uganda en ek geniet dit nogal baie. Uganda het die potensiaal om baie mooi te wees. Ek sou graag as my werk dit nou kon toelaat beslis meer hier wou rondry. Maar ongelukkig werk ons elke dag van 05h30 tot so 18h00. Daarna is aandete en 'n bed goeie vooruitsigte. Ek het my fiets saamgebring, maar kon nog nie veel gery kry nie. Dit behoort 'n ongelooflike belewenis te wees om byvoorbeeld al teen die ooste oewer an die Albert meer af te ry. Daar is plekke wat nie per voertuig bereikbaar is nie, daar word selfs van veerbote gebruik gemaak om plekke soos Begoma te bereik. Maar hier is oral voetpaaie, selfs waar die terein voertuigbeweging nie toelaat nie. Vir 'n paar fotos van die omgewing hier, kyk na http://picasaweb.google.com/kinnieve Groete Kinnie
  5. Bicycles is a common means of transport in rural Uganda. That and Boda-boda's (scooters). Almost every town has a cycle shop of sorts which, unfortunately cannot be compared to the likesof WE cycles etc. However, here are some bicycle related photos from Butiaba on the shores of lake Albert: Balance Tubes 29" and spares Butiaba's bling! He also has spokes and hubs Tyres for bicycle and boda-boda The workshop casspir2008-05-15 11:48:36
  6. Guys, I'm next to lake Albert in Uganda at a small village called Butiaba workin as a project manager in support of the oil exploration here. I brought my MTB along and have been cycling about when convenient and able (due to work requirements). The locals are friendly and crime as we know it is Souffff Efrica is totally non-existent here. Money are left open on desks in offices and none is stolen. And yes, the client also uses locals! Great place for MTB. But cycling around in lycra will look totally out of place and you'll most probably be the laughing stock of the district. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the absence of crime and hooliganism. Regards casspir
  7. What would the cost implications be to transport a MTB in a rigid BikeSafe to a country such as Uganda? Are there other more economical options available? I am leaving on Wednesday for a some months and am not taking the MTB along as yet. Depending on the situation in Uganda, I might arrange to have the bike sent up to me. Anyone with similar experience? Regards, casspir casspir2008-04-28 06:16:49
  8. Take it back to the LBS and ask them to sort it out.
  9. I have had two experiences regarding the use of my own GPS data as opposed to an alleged traffic violation. In both cases I responded in writing informing the relevant authorities that I do have an accurate GPS log of my travels and that my data differs from their information. Check the date and time of the alleged violation in respect of the place. Sometimes their clocks are way out. The traffic authorities tend to be quite vague as to the specific place of alleged violation. This can be confirmed by your GPS data that you can see on software such as Mapsource. In both cases the relevant authorities withdrew their cases. I don't know how long before this won't be possible anymore, but I will keep trying. I am not in favour of irresponsible driving etc, rather in favour of accurate reporting and accurate alleged violations. Regards, casspir
  10. Mampara, Connex link for 10 speeds. Good LBS's have them. Regards, casspir
  11. Slowbee, Get a smart link. Connex makes one for 10speed chains. Ride and get the chain dirty. Wait for your rest day. Disconnect the Connex link and drop the chain into an old water bottle. Fill with Kleen Green. Let soak. Remove, scrub and dry. It must be very dry. Hang it in the winter sun or use a hair dryer to ensure the chain is dry. Oil every link with your oil preference. I use ProGold. Wipe off the excess oil. Put back on bike. Spin a few time to ensure the oil gets where it is required, inside the links. Dry the chain with a rag. Its dry when there are no oil marks on the rag. Rest day over. Ride next day. This is my method. Regards, casspir
  12. See http://www.greateventcompany.com/index.php
  13. Maybe you should hold this question untill later next week. After the Epic?
  14. Further to Azonic's remarks: Confirm the max pressure on the tyre. Inflate to max and leave overnight. Recheck in the morning. Should be OK casspir2008-03-12 01:11:34
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