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  1. Hi, Tried to pay for my entry and get the error : This basket is undergoing payment and cannot be changed until payment succeeds or fails. Payment didnt go through with an error. Anyone else had this issue? I have sent mail/ tried to called event organisers.. no response and it close in 2 hours!
  2. Yes and its a great race. But day 1 is from HELL! It is not 70KM, we clocked 82KM. some hectic parts like the crossing and one hill is not rideable... the start of my ITBS but wnt back for day 2... Day 2 is easier and some great single track.
  3. Also Campag SR? I think I might just wait for the medium so i have flexibilty in future
  4. Hi Guys, Can anybody advise whether a Campag short cage rear derailleur is fine to work on a 50/34 12/27 set up? I tried to work out the formula, based on max cog and max chainr but numbers total equal 31. So medium ..? Any advice? Tx
  5. I just bought the Fenix 3. I will try the set up tomorrow. I have my edge 500 set up already on my wattbike at the lab, I will try and set it to search for power sensor on my Fenix.
  6. I have the Expert and I can say without any doubt that it is a brilliant bike! I cannot fault it in any way.
  7. Just had to... Absolutely love my bike
  8. I ride with road bike and the paths are great, no issues there... Yeah seems to be a water issue - lets hope its sorted soon cos that is one of the great riding spots of this country for roadies
  9. So I understand that suikerbos nature reserve is closed since Jan?? Apparently there is a water issue. Anyone have info when it will open again?
  10. Its my great weedeater skills..... nah its fake
  11. Hi Guys, Want your opinion on which you think looks better With stickers or just plain (dont judge my photoshop skills...)
  12. Hi Guys, Anyone know of a artist to paint carbon rims in JHB? I have black roval rims and replaced one and they have it with white decal which i want darkened. Any help will be appreciated
  13. What an amazing way to ride - ONLY in Africa Buck, Zebra, Wilderbeest at arms length.... didn't see the Giraffes this time.
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