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  1. ARMSTRONG RESISTED SUBPOENA, THEN WANTED SECRECY http://bbjsportguy.blogspot.com/2012/12/armstrong-resisted-subpoena-then-wanted.html
  2. From what I hear, the eent was sold out from overseas riders. Fantastic news for the Western Cape's income.
  3. An independent commission set up to probe the International Cycling Union's (UCI) handling of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal on Tuesday called for witnesses to get in touch. http://bbjsportguy.blogspot.com/2012/12/commission-calls-for-witnesses-in.html
  4. Hey I have been lucky enough to be able to enter the Cape Rouleur (www.caperouleur.com) It is a lot of climbing with a lot of kilometres. Now, without the obvious, how should I train? I am imagining, lots of climbing and lots of kilometres, every day with one or two rest days... Does that make sense? J
  5. Tuesday evenings, there is a Crit race held at the Coca-Cola dome. It's organised by Northcliff Cycles. Find out more... http://www.northcliffcycles.co.za/en/content/10-weekly-criterium
  6. There is another cycling issue. This time, allegations of bribery. http://bbjsportguy.blogspot.com/2012/11/another-cycling-scandal.html
  7. CycleTourTrust ‏@CycleTourTrust #CycleTourTrust Logistics team in the Overberg today inspecting damage to the roads. Final #CoronationDC route TBC on Friday 9 November.
  8. The Tour de France doesn't advertise how many metres the riders climb, rather how difficult individual climbs are. I have seen Le Tour riders hurting up little 3rd Category climbs. It's about the riders. Why not advertise just how fast they ride, or for how long etc?
  9. I think that it is high time that the ABSA Cape Epic stop counting how many metres are climbed on every stage. Yes, we get it, it's a tough race. Yes, it goes up some amazing mountains. Yes, not everyone can do it, we get it. A race is not the road, it's about who you are racing against. Even a flat race can be tough if the conditions are right and the racers are tough. I don't think that the average person can even comprehend what it means to "climb 2500m" in a day. I think it's time that the Epic find another attraction factor. J
  10. I did a short stint with SuperCycling out of Fourways on Saturday before being pwnd up the hill to Lanseria. i was VERY impressed that they stopped at red traffic lights. Well done guys.
  11. Should we just guess which club you ride with?
  12. I had one and loved it. It did what it had to do without breaking the bank. It was then stolne, so someone must like it enough to want to "borrow" it permanently. J
  13. Great news when the cycling world has had some bad news. But one thing. Those potholes are in the middle of the lane, almost a metre OUTSIDE the cycling lane. Strange that cyclists shoud be inconvenienced by them.
  14. The problem is that the event is a "Vets" event. It's not really sport that the SA media cover. Much like Vets football, Vets rugby and vets cricket. Who are the Rugby World Veterans Champions? See? No one cares. Media cover elite sports and they covered SA's BMX, MTB and Road cycling at the Olympic with aplomb. On a weekend of big rugby and football, verterans racing in the small hamlet of Pietermaritzburg will never make headlines, let alone 3 inches in a newspaper.
  15. Exclusive, use google translate. It makes the dite quite funny, for example, Team Bonitas become Beautiful Team. :-) Cyclingnews.com also has updates.
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