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  1. Thanks Thanks, will try both of the suggestions
  2. Hi Hubbers Anyone have any suggestions on how or where to fix the torn mesh on my shoes? Or is time for a new pair?
  3. Resolution update: Silverback SA are the bomb!! I sent them a mail asking for advice, received a call from Robert within 10 minutes. Had a quick conversation. Replacement Freehub arrived from them in the post the next day, free of charge. Truly exceptional service!
  4. No branding on the hubs either 🙁. The bike is a Silverback Stratos AL3 and the hubs are listed as 'Sealed Bearing Hubs' on their website. Looking at pics online it looks a lot like the DT Swiss hub & freebody
  5. Thanks for the info, I was not aware of that. I've had a look and cannot see any text or serial numbers anywhere on the freehub body.
  6. Hi. Does anyone know where I can buy a set of replacement pawls and spring for a Shimano HG Freehub Body? Ideally locally in Cape Town. Through a combination of stupidity on my part and bad luck (don't ask) I have lost one of the pawls and I really don't want to replace the whole freehub because of one pawl. I've attached a few pics for reference
  7. I'm going to follow this topic if you don't mind. I live in Parklands and am also reluctant to cycle down Sandown/Malibongwe anymore to get to the trails.
  8. Same thing happened to me as well as few years ago. Lost an insulated water bottle a couple of rides in. I haven't lost a single cheap non-insulated water bottle though. Typical.
  9. Water bottle found at Bloemendal 30th March 2021. PM me with a description and I will arrange to get it back to you.
  10. The following is a message from one of the guys most affected (body and bike) by this incident: Good morning all. I have asked various of advise regarding the incident that happened Saterday morning, We have filed a case at the SAPS and provided as much as possible details to them but in order to ensure this case is followed throughout I was advised to also report this to PPA CEO. They can get their lawyers involved to ensure this is done so, but we would need to provide as much as possible info/statement as possble! So... I would kindly ask any witnesses who saw what happened that morning, who is willing to do an affidavit statement at the SAPS and to reference my case number (see below). Also please ask them for a copy of the affidavit and I will collect from each to send this to PPA for assistance. I will really appreciate all witnesses help and cooperation to get this irresponsible people off the roads to make cycling safer for everyone. Thanks Message from SAPS. Case registered on 2018-12-09 at TABLE VIEW ref nr CAS 176/12/2018. Station contact detail: 021-5213300. Do NOT reply to this SMS.
  11. Please be safe out there guys and gals. Our Saturday morning club ride ended abruptly on a sour note this morning when a bakkie drifted into the yellow lane and took out our group and about 5 of us hit the tar. This was on the stretch of road that connects the N7 to Melkbosstrand. A couple of the guys in the group ended up with severe road rash, torn clothing and broken bikes but thankfully so far no-one has reported any broken bones, but that could change as they are still getting checked out by their doctors. The bakkie that drifted into us didn't even bother to stop and only returned about 10 minutes later because other vehicles chased him down. When he did arrive he was aggressive and seemed to be slurring his words. This is pure conjecture but I suspect there was alcohol involved. The worst part is that the driver seems to be a fellow cyclist because he was wearing a Tankwa Trek top and looked the part. We have reported it to the police, hopefully they follow up. Surely this is a clear violation of the new 1 meter law? Any way, just very glad that we all made it home alive and most of us relatively unscathed.
  12. Pic of me clearing the gap jump on Lombard's Terra at Bloemendal. I was 43 at the time. I did it twice on that day and haven't had the marbles to do it again in the last two years. But I will. Start with small jumps and do them many times to build confidence and technique. Then move onto a bigger jump. Repeat. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks. But normally how long does that take? From payment to email?
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