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  1. There doesn't appear to be any rule regarding spare batteries. https://ctcttwebdownloads.blob.core.windows.net/singledownloads/CTCTEntryTerms.pdf
  2. Sizing can be a bit of an issue. The top I ordered was a bit small and with the inners, I ordered XL and they sent XXL which fit perfectly. The quality of the items I did order has been great. The orders were always delivered to me by Fastway couriers and I've never had to pay anything extra.
  3. Only for the Hammer, but not just for the day of the launch; it still applies. There are some other trails that it should probably apply to as well, but no others have been mentioned. When I crashed on the Bloemendaaler a few weeks ago and fractured my radius, I had to push my bike back to my car and had to be so careful with other riders coming own. That trail is quite narrow with not much place to move over for anyone, and you can't see them coming either. With the Hammer, you can see for miles and there is plenty of space to pass anyone that has stopped.
  4. Every year there is a SGM specifically to approve the fees for the following year. The attendance is always poor and the few that do attend have generally always been happy with what was proposed. There has been at least one year I can recall that the proposed fees were changed because someone actually put their hand up and made a suggestion.
  5. If you do find your old Racetec chip, then you can still use it. The new one is an addition, not a replacement as they will both be registered to your ID no. I don't know if the SAS board works like that though.
  6. The Willi Becher glass was designed by Willy Steinmeier in 1954. It is also known as a Willy glass. Becher means cup in German.
  7. I was wondering if that was you. I came past from the other direction when you were stopped just further along on this piece.
  8. Thanks for the support. I'm sure it will, just remember to shake the bottle well before use.
  9. Cycle Teknix used to have their own club, but that seems to be no more. Cycles Direct and Forward in Motion are both associated with the Outriders.
  10. Outriders is the closest to you, but there is also City Cycling Club. They ride from Edgemead. https://www.citycyclingclub.co.za/
  11. Sportsmans is quite pricey and the 25% discount helps a bit. You can get it for R280 from https://ridegear.co.za/shop/ . There's an extra 10% discount if you use the coupon code bikehub at checkout.
  12. Just a heads up. If you want to park at Hazendal to ride Bottelary Hills, you may not enter Hazendal before 8am. This morning a few of us were there and we managed to get in at 7:40, but on condition that we didn't start riding before 8. Other members of our group that arrived a few minutes after we went in had to wait outside. A security guy on a 3 wheeler even came to us while we were waiting inside at the cars to tell us the same thing. I don't understand the logic of this because all we do is ride from the cars, out the gate and return a few hours later. So in future we will just park somewhere else at a time that suits us and have post ride drinks and snacks at the new place.
  13. It doesn't stop. Here is another one using the same 012 682 0185 telephone number. https://www.facebook.com/Africranks and the associated website https://africranks.com/
  14. Wait for an e-mail from Action Photo to say all the photo's have been uploaded. They usually give a discount then. It should be within the next week or so.
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