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  1. I live 2km from Koeberg and we have been waiting in anticipation... The latest I heard was that it will only open once the state of disaster is called off... It must have to do with the nuclear plant, as other Eskom conservation areas are open and even host events, so its not a general Eskom regulation. https://www.entryninja.com/events/76296-tcs-sand-river-trail-run However, with the Eastern Cape as a hotspot, maybe this one will also drop off the calendar.
  2. PFP Congrats to my fellow Melkbosser, Barry Austin, who is her coach!!
  3. Pls keep the updates coming...no SS and as you know, blocked on RBT, so missing out on entire thing... And technologically challenged.... Getting some updates frm Annika Ls feeds on social media at least.
  4. Within the last six weeks or so, we had some custom Vye kit made, I've worn it about 5 times since we got it and can confirm, for me - It's awesome. The bibs are very comfortable and the long sleeve winters' top is warm enough not to have to layer and feel like an Oros man. I can recommend. Pricing was also very good.
  5. This was my favourite race in 2019. Looking forward to November.
  6. Plesier Chris! Tks for the photies! I thought it might be you, but saw no Maritz so wasnt sure. A beaut of an afternoon
  7. I found a front bike light on the Klipheuwel part of the Tygerberg trails on Saturday (about 200m from the Spes Bona exit/entrance). Informed Tygerberg MTB Club, but it doesnt seem anyone has enquired there yet. If you suspect it might be yours, DM me to confirm/for info.
  8. Where did you find this map? Would be keen to see what’s happening in my town too
  9. CANNOT WAIT!! Like a kid...Just hope Mariske, Candice and Alan can safely get out to these.
  10. I saw both Castelli SA and Sportful SA have 50% discount on their apparel. Info on their Insta pages. I have 1x Sportful thermal jersey and its decent in the cold. Cant comment on the rest.
  11. Also delayed on my side on DSTV Now - iPad
  12. Chilly Melkbosstrand and a clean bike, ready for the long weekend.
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