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  1. I had a feeling that's who you had in mind.. I'm wondering what sort of training it would take to podium in grand Masters.. Bart doesn't seem to have any competition
  2. Platt has a tummy bug, so its likely theres a bug going around. Kids in my daughters class are down with gastro and even' i've had a bit of a rough night so its more likely just a Spring bug. the other place people it up is the water points. Everyone digging their sweaty hands into the food is going to spread bugs unless every thing available at the water points is prepacked? Any insights here?
  3. yes Bain's is closed for construction till 2023 so Cape Epic cannot go through. They were re-routed to Goudini and taking bus shuttles to Wellington. They had a fairly easy Gravel and Grape day today
  4. What does this mean? Scott and Cannondale currently don't have more than one lady on their teams. Scott having the One. Bulls has never has a female if I recall. The problem with the female MTB teams is that they are poorly funded so often there is only enough budget for the European XCO= XCM season and some for CX, Travelling to SA and basing themselves out here is an expensive undertaking if you want to win. Specialized had their riders out here December through January 2020/2021 and they trained on the 2021 route. They could pay for their riders training camp. Not many teams have that sort of budget. Cannondale goes down to a three man team at the end of 2021 when Mannie retires. It remains to be seen if they replace him with a female racer or another male. So until this imbalance in sponsorships is addressed there simply won't be strong enough teams coming to SA for the ACE to compete in the ladies category. even Bart's CST team has enough women in it but not the budget. Its not a question of quality of the ladies XCO field in general but one of budget. Tackiling the ACE to win it means you want to be in Cape Town at least a couple of weeks ahead of the event and be able to acclimatise your riders to the climate and trails. Most of the ladies also have day jobs to pay the bills. So taking time away from those is a loss of income. There are very very few fully professional woman cyclists who can sustain themselves on sponsorship alone.
  5. Laura's bike would fit me better with that loooong reach and lower duty cycle with all the associated benefits of being new every day :). Then I'll sell tickets to @Hairy the weirdo's on BikehUb for saddle sniffing sessions. Apparently some okes think its more powerful than EPO
  6. right next to the drums of water!
  7. I'll be fitting an extra bottle cage to my seat post
  8. Oh yeah the timing chips would be important to. And the spot tracker. Basically the race Org isn't interested if you borrowed a bike from a postman as long as the timing and identification technology is transferred to the posties bike.
  9. Within the scope of average epic riders this is true except for the KMS....
  10. Race rules override uci rules with uci approval.
  11. Nothing wrong with that as long as the number boards were swapped too
  12. i see you see what I did there
  13. ah on the audio. Somehow I don't really notice it over the drone of Gerald's monotone
  14. oh ok well that makes sense. I wasn't sure why they would include that decrepit old road. So it's Hels followed by the longish drag to the Prison, turn right and windy windy uphill till we hit the Du Toits where the fun begins
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