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  1. she is also positioned too far back on the bike so it likely her front wheel was bounced or slipped on the slick rock
  2. It was scheduled for replay at 7pm PFP does sometimes take the technical bits at her own pace it's like she needs a lap to get her confidence whereas Jolanda attacks the features. Jolanda obviously came in hot. She should have given PFP a bit of breathing space. Yes I saw that. They were told if the storm hit and the course was too wet the bridge would be placed. If it was dry it would be gone. The forecast since Friday spoke of rain for both men's and womens race. The in again out again nature of Schrodongers bridge should be addressed going forward. Those who could jump it were faster anyways so it should have just stayed put.
  3. nice very nice. Does it come in a bar only option or only only integrated option?
  4. true...true....🤔......however OP is in the Free State.....and wants a bike that is suitable for 90% of his riding, not 1% of the riding
  5. David has received many accolades for intervals.icu. It's an awesome tool. Bye Bye FTP tests
  6. what do you mean like her more and more. I thought wow, I have a little sister!
  7. Most of them didn't need it though. Only PFP and Loana of the front runners were using the ramp probably to safe energy. Its there so why not Great ride by Kata Blanca-Vas
  8. 24th for Candice 10min 34 down. Good going to come in ahead of Eva Lechner Yolanda road like her old self today. Looked so comfortable and confident through the rock gardens. The French ladies spent too much time and energy during the first two laps racing each other releasing Yolandie. She didn't even need the ramp. MVDP should take some lessons from her. <Lapped riders getted pulled form the course at the end of the lap>
  9. Hopefully not culling but maybe that's what the Dutch BMXer was practicing?
  10. The Dutch didn't participate in WWII officially. So the kamikaze is a about 80 years too late 😆
  11. An insider (in the village) mentioned that some of the teams, although empathising with the Dutch riders, are wondering if karma is at play because last week the Dutch Team managements was walking about super confident and farting arrogance. So far they only have one Silver for their efforts and lot of questions around what could g.o wrong next. The atmosphere isn't a happy one. Meanwhile over in the SA camp there's a bunch of happy people but two riders feeling a little bummed that luck didn't go their way. But at least no ones pointing fingers at CSA (except on social media). Also our riders and the team admin were informed about the bridge being removed for the race. What went wrong on the way to the Dutch camp well, we'll never know as its all a bit of who didn't say what. Good news is that MVDP didn't fracture anything in the fall. What's next? Well I guess we'll have to ask his agent but rumour is that they lost the dart board with the UCi calendar printed on it and the ambidexterous dart chucker ended up taking a detour to Thailand instead of Japan. So I guess its regrouping proper now. Back to the road and no more MTB for MVDP which is as annoying as it is disappointing. This lack of focus is starting to cost results. Lets hope he wakes ups and sees the wood from the fire
  12. You should have asked him if he accounted for Coriolis Forces. The return trip should read 11.9
  13. It appears the Dutch have taken "shut up and ride" quite literally
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