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  1. Looking at OPs first post my money is on too long reach. 415 is comfortable for me and I'm 7cm taller with short torso. I'm guessing bought a size up on the frame. A cheap experiment is to use a shorter stem and and check the comfort levels after a long ride
  2. 6 months is too long. Top up every 8 to 10 weeks. The water doesn't go anywhere but the solid does get centrifuged out and settles in the too that sticks tongue inside of the tyre
  3. This thread is useless without body dimensions. Height is only one measurement. Torso length,inseam, arm length ,foot size are just a few key dimensions required to establish whether it's a bikefit issue or a strength and flexibility issue. PS: the only body pains I have after a long ride are in the legs and ass. I ride a fairly slammed position on the road bike and don't use any issues. I had a proper bike fit with science2sport once back in 2007 and have used the dimensions /geometry eversince.
  4. https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/pedals-cleats/shimano-pda520-body-cover-fixing-bolts-right-y41s98050/?geoc=ZA ?
  5. An E-bike friend is of more use to me than a gravel bike friend. An e-bike friend is a really lekker motorpacer, whilst a gravel bike friend just smells funny in his cotton T and 1980's TopSport helmet
  6. Damn thats hectic ,hope she feels better soon. On the positive side , kid who get it bunce back quickly and risk of death is very very very low for them. Its more the risk to the rest of the family and the psychological scarring ones needs to consider. The conditions of participation as laid out by CSA will be enforced at all CSA sanctioned events till the state of disaster is lifted. When that will be is anynesguess but September 2023 is the most likely date so best get used to it or opt out of events
  7. exactly the same as I always felt about it. A niche sport that tries to solve problems that doesn't exist. but there's a market so there's that
  8. that is just the water sloshing about in your tyres. The sealant has long since separated. Follow the recommendation. IME its there for good reason
  9. 1000Calories = 1Kcal = 4,2KJ
  10. Isn't there supposed to be a spacer behind the drive side bb cup? Is the wave washer fitted?
  11. group sizes will be maximum 500.. Thats all we know. Each group is viewed as a single gathering
  12. I keep a helmet max 5yrs. I've dropped a few older helmets and they cracked. The cheaper the helmet the longer they last because they have more foam and less channels where material is removed to reduce weight or create internal airflow.
  13. Calorie is metric kilojoule is SI calorie x4.2 = kilojoule what you decide to use is entirely dependent on how you want to track your expenditure vs intake
  14. like shoes and bibs, the best is the one that fits properly. The shell size must be as close as possible to your head size. If you have a 54cm head don't buy a Large because its on special and the dial adjuster can make the adjustable cradle fit your head. The shell is the part that saves your noggin and if you head slams into that part at high speed its going to hurt.
  15. It’s like a gateway drug, who knows where it will lead
  16. its going to be a huddle fest
  17. ah .... a ginger on the podium. These are definitely strange times
  18. saw this on her instagram feed earlier. I see she still has the outgoing FSi.
  19. sorry yes Trinity racing <facepalm>👍
  20. Cannondale headshok is not 1.5, it’s 1.56 which means that the headshok bearings don’t fit a 1.5 headset. if you have a straight steerer tube fork then you will need a different lower bearing. The tapered headset is designed to convert a 1.5 lower bearing to fit headshok head tubes
  21. Nino punctured trying to go with the attack. That tells me he was pushing really hard to stay with Chris.
  22. Viktor Koretsky signed with B&B Hotels. Blevins team Infinity folds at the end of the season. He is yet to announce a new contract for 2022.
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