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  1. Hi I'll cycle with you on Saturday we can do an easy 40km on a not to hectic road and not to busy either , the next time we can do a bit more hills also need to get ready for 94.7 and I have 2 friends that I'll ask if they want to come with. Let me know
  2. Howdy ! I'll be with Narra and the kids ! I will be taking pic's over the weekend and post them on the hub so I'm hoping to meet all of you !
  3. Googled: Engela Conradie .. out of boredom at 11:23pm got Results 11 - 20 of about 736 for Engela Conradie. and one of the reaults read (as below) ...perhaps there are some truth in all of this .. all a conspiracy theory .. LOL ! Chainwheel by Engela Conradie | Published 16/8/2006 | Race Results |, Unrated ... This report was compiled by Engela Conradie (USN/Kuota/Rudy Project) ... www.chainwheel.co.za/default.asp?ToDo=viewArticle&aid=%7B05CEEE63-0D98-485D-89F1-70D8648249CD%7D&... - 48k - Supplemental Result
  4. Buddy ... if you need a new car you can always buy my CITI 1.4i 2006 , black only has 4000km on the clock. Jinx2007-04-03 08:47:29
  5. Where were we before we so rudely interrupted ? Lead me not into temptation !
  6. Jinx

    Tom Boonen

    He is so gorgeous !
  7. Dit se baie van die persoon oor die tiepe foto's wat hy post... oor presies waarvan hy hou en watter soort "pronografie" hy versamel... thanks guys ! You have now been "gay listed "
  8. Why would you go through all the trouble then.... ... joking ! Why is it that men always think that is all woman is interested in... Are you sure it won't be the other way around ?
  9. he he ! My sister ... mmm .. I haven't seen her in about a month .Will first need to "interview" you ... but you stay in CT ..
  10. I have lots more ! Saving the best for last ! Will post them 2morrow
  11. Goofs , Brilliant comeback !!!
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