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  1. Guys, what company took the photos this year?
  2. Why you would pay R6k for a race and miss out on the route does not make any sense...(talking about Sani2C)
  3. I rode with a Joule GPS and there was no problem following the bread crumb trail. It quickly let's you know that you are off course and like mentioned it is very easy to get back on course. Most of the big turns where either marker or managed by Off road rescue, which I have to add, where superb!
  4. In the dry you are fine, when it gets wet.... not so fine
  5. I need the legs to make it go forward then... I am working on it!
  6. This is still a work in progress. Need to sort out the steerer and then ideally go 1x11 in the next year or so.
  7. I can't agree more! Thanks Riaan, that will be brilliant.
  8. Anywhere in PTA is fine. Going towards Van Galen area. Anywhere in PTA. We normally ride from Irene or Fearie Glen area. We are going to ride towards Van Galen.
  9. Hi Guys, Does anybody have a MTB route from Pretoria to Harties?
  10. And you go through a dark tunnel at those speeds, going from light to dark at 70km/h -90km/h is quite daunting!
  11. \ But the soup for breakfast was the bomb!!!!!!!!
  12. Guys, I have a decent Onkyo amp and a couple of Jamo speakers. I would like to add a turntable in the mix. Could you recommend a good entry level unit that i should have a look at?
  13. I see more and more articles saying that Cholesterol is not the problem, but rather inflammation and we should focus more on what causes the inflammation. What are you thoughts?
  14. Definitely the route I will follow
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